Past Exhibitions

Murphy Collective

4 November - 10 December 2016

Down a worn and windy dirt track, lush and green by the Katherine River, Danny Murphy lives in a large yet humble home with an impressive adjacent studio. Once also occupied by mother Ruth Murphy, an avid potter, who passed away in early 2015. Ruth’s spirit lives on through Danny and her presence is strong in the old house with many pots and pieces scattered about.

This retrospective celebrates the pair’s accomplishments, 40+ years of potting together; supporting each other’s distinctive styles from Danny’s earthy terra sigillata seaweed slips to Ruth’s macro crystalline glaze. Many works have generously been loaned from private collections in Katherine and beyond.

Curated by Sophie Rayner.


Yidumduma Bill Harney, Bush Professor

6 May - Saturday 16 July 2016


One of the last fully initiated Wardaman elders, Yidumduma Bill Harney is regarded by many as a national living treasure, the quintessential Renaissance man using his paintings, carvings, songs and storytelling to communicate his Indigenous knowledge to the world.

He is a widely exhibited artist, with some of his major paintings held at the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT in Darwin and the University of Sydney’s Law School. He has performed the traditional music and stories of his people at venues around the world including the Sydney Opera House, Darwin Festival and at school, universities and festivals in the USA.

Born in 1936 and brought up in both worlds of his Wardaman mother and white father, Bill has been the subject of three film documentaries and his encyclopedic knowledge and colourful life are recorded in three books, including Jan Wositzky’s Born Under The Paperbark Tree (1996).

This retrospective of his lifetime’s work showcases his intimate knowledge of the stories and history of his people, and his striking efforts to share them with the world before these oral traditions pass out of memory.

The exhibition is curated by Margie West AM.