Gillian Russell


Photo credit: Territory Q Magazine

Gillian Russell met her business partner Phoebe Quilty at their children's preschool. They began discussing the need for a socially inclusive space in Katherine and thought a café was a great way to connect the community. So, together they started the immensely popular The Finch Cafe.

Previously, Phoebe was a registered nurse and Gillian was a teacher, so this was their first time as café owners. They set about creating a café that truly connects with the local region. They purchase as much of their produce from local businesses as they can, including buying direct from Katherine farms. They also trade with customers - their garden produce for coffee or lunch – and sell locally made items including jewellery, jam, chutney and tea.

The Finch Café also works with the Katherine High School Stars program to encourage youngsters to perform work experience at the cafe to learn hospitality skills.