Jane Sale

Jane Sale and her husband Haydn part own and operate Yougawalla Pastoral Company in the East Kimberley.  Yougawalla Station is where they live with their two children.  The property was a bare block with no buildings or services when they moved there in 2008 with 1000 head of cattle.

Yougawalla Pastoral Company over eight years has grown to include three pastoral leases and four Indigenous owned subleases. Jane and Haydn are responsible today for up to 30 staff living on the stations during the mustering season and 45,000 head of cattle.

In June 2013, along with Editor Stephanie Coombes, Jane launched the Central Station blog that has grown to have 40,000 followers and tells the stories from people involved in the Live Export Industry right across the North of Australia in their own words. 

Central Station came about from the inaugural Influential Women's Forum held in Broome in 2012 by its founder Catherine Marriott.  Frustrated with the urban views of the people involved in her industry Jane wanted to do something that showed the care for animals and land that she and the majority of people in her industry have. The forum taught her to connect with the urban population because of common values that we, in Australia have, namely love of family, animal welfare and the great outdoors which is what people in the Cattle Industry's lifestyle is all about.