Artist: Various Artists


Australia Wide Six

Australia Wide Six presents artwork by Ozquilt Network members throughout Australia and overseas.

RachelWilliams-FriendOrFoe-K-Threads - web sized


K-Threads features the work of a group of Katherine’s leading textile arts and crafts workers.

Gapu IX

Gapu IX

Gapu IX is a K Space exhibition featuring the ninth series of prints on paper made by artists from Djilpin Arts in collaboration with master printer Basil Hall.

Nitmiluk NP - handowver ceremony 1989. Peter Jatbula

Sharing Country

Mam-gun Mungguy-wun lerr-nyarrang Nitmiluk – Sharing our Country Nitmiluk. These were the words the Jawoyn people danced under on the day they were officially recongised as the traditional owners of Nitmiluk and the surrounding area.

Dawn Beasley - When morning Sun falls on Nitmuluk Rock

44th Katherine Prize

The annual Katherine Prize encourages indigenous and non-indigenous residents of the Northern Territory to develop their art practice and showcase their skill to the region.

See us. Hear us. Know us.

This exhibition presents photographs produced during workshops for young people in Katherine, celebrating our thinkers and artists of tomorrow.

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