Peter Daniels_Goanna and Snake Dreaming

Art from the Hub

Exhibition Date

3 Apr – 2 May 2020

Exhibition Type

Art From The Hub provides an insight into emerging Aboriginal artists working out of the Salvo’s Doorways Hub art program in Katherine. See a selection of paintings made by Amelia Daniels, Annette Gibson, Brenda Brown, Bronwyn Sampson, Janet Dreamer, Jeannie Daniels, Jereline Brown, Marjorie Gibson, Mercia Lewis, Peter Daniels, and Rachel Granites Rennie, that trace culture, country and dreaming stories back to their ancestral lands, as well as stories about bush tucker, plants and animals.

Official launch 3pm Friday 3 April

Peter Daniels, Goanna and snake dreaming, 2019, acrylic paint on canvas

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