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Bla Mela Kantri – Our Country

An Exhibition Exploring different representations of landscapes around Ngukurr. Plus the launch of Karen Rogers new childrens book and performance by Crystal Robins.

Ngukurr Arts Aborigional Corperation Exhibition

26 March – 10 May 2021

Free Event, Bar Open from 6:00pm opening night.

An Exhibition Exploring different representations of landscapes around Ngukurr. The opening night will also feature the launch of Karen Rodger’s Childrens book, Main Abija My Grandad Plus a live performace from Darwin based singer-songwritter Crystal Robins.

Bla Mela Kantri

Mela wek im luk la olwan stail en nyuwan stail. Mela luk la kantri en koltja bla mela wek, mikstimapbat olwan en nyuwan.

Longtaim, loda difrendifren traib bin gaman la ol mishin, bla bi seif burrum ola munanga hu bin kilimbat blakbala. Til didei, mela stil gadim bigmob traib jidanbat la Ropa. Mela Ngalakgan, Alawa, Mangarrayi, Ngandi, Marra, Warndarrang, Nunggubuyu, Ritharrngu-Wägilak en Rembarrnga pipul, en mela gulu mijel Yugul Manggi mijimit.

Yu gin luk dis histri la ola atwek la Ngukurr Arts. Ebirribodi gadim difrendifren stail. Ebirribodi peintim difrendifren ting na. Bat wan ting im seim la ebirribodi stail, im ol brabili braitwan en strongbalawan.

Mela olpipul laik Ginger Riley, Gertie Huddlestone, Sambo Barra Barra en Maureen Thomson bin ol feimis bla yusim loda braitwan kala en burdiwan stail bla shoum alabat kantri. Mela stil bulurrum alabat didei la Ngukurr Arts.

Dijan eksibishin im Bla Mela Kantri.

Bla mela kantri brabili impotin la mela. Mela kantri im mela laif. Mela peinting ma shoum mela ekspiriens la kantri na.

Disma peinting im bla shoum ebirribodi, munanga en blakbala, wi kantri. Bat im rili bla lenim mela biginini mob bla koltja du.

Wen mela peintim kantri mela gibit mesij la mela biginini, im dali alabat dat kantri im impotinwan.

Our work looks to both new and old styles. Our work looks to country and culture. We mix the old with the new.

A long time ago, many different tribes took refuge at the Roper River Mission, fleeing from massacres by pastoralists in the area. Today, we still have many tribes living here at Ngukurr. We are Ngalakgan, Alawa, Mangarrayi, Ngandi, Marra, Warndarrang, Nunggubuyu, Ritharrngu-Wägilak and Rembarrnga people, and together we call ourselves Yugul Manggi.

You can see this history in our work at Ngukurr Arts. Our work shows a great diversity of styles and subjects, however our works all have boldness and brightness in common.

Our Elders came before us, including Ginger Riley, Gertie Huddlestone, Sambo Barra Barra and Maureen Thomson. They were all known for using adventurous styles and bright colours to paint their country. We still follow them today at Ngukurr Arts.

This exhibition shows Our Country. Our country is exceptionally important to us. Our country is our life. Our paintings show how we experience our country.

These paintings are to show everyone, whitefellas and Aboriginal people, our country. But most importantly it’s to teach our children about culture too. When we paint our country we give our children a message; that country is important.

Main Abija My Grandad Book Launch

Main Abija My Grandad, to be officially launched opening night of the Bla Mela Kantri Exhibition, is a beautiful tribute to a much-loved grandfather, celebrating First Nations Australian culture, country and the circle of life. Told in Kriol and English.

‘Dijan buk gada ola memri ai bin abum gada main abija from wen ai bin lilgel til imin libu wi. Imin titjim mi loda tings bla koltja en bla kantri. Mi hepi ba pasim det stori la main femili en bla pudum la dis buk.’

‘This book has the memories I had of my grandfather from when I was small until he left us. He taught me many things about culture and country. I’m happy to pass this story on to my family and to put it in this book.’

Karan Rodgers

Crystal Robins

Crystal Robins is an emerging singer-songwriter based in Darwin, bringing to the stage a sweet upbeat mix of acoustic folk, looped harmonies & relatable lyrics. Her obsession with music started at a young age, and has since lead her to play with many bands at festivals and venues around Australia, her next performance at godinymayin opening night of Bla Mela Kantri.

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