Exhibition Date

14 May – 30 Jun 2021

Exhibition Type

Explore the influence of nature and cultural teaching through the artworks of Jody and Thomas Croft.

An exhibition exploring influence of nature and cultural teaching, featuring the artworks of Jody and Thomas Croft

Born in 1974 in South Australia Thomas Croft originates from the Barngala clan and is passionate about creating artwork that connects to country. Having lived in the Northern Territory for 26 years before moving to Newcastle in NSW, Thomas has been influenced strongly by the artists and the seasons of the Northern Territory.

I Jody Croft is a proud Barngarla woman, ‘my mob are located within the Eyre Peninsular of South Australia.” Art has always been an important part of jody’s life from childhood until adulthood. If I was not drawing, she was painting or doing other artforms such as macrame and pottery. “Art has always been a creative escape.With my artwork as an adult, I am fully influenced by my cultural teachings and nature. “

Jody and Thomas Croft

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