Nitmiluk NP - handowver ceremony 1989. Peter Jatbula

Sharing Country

Exhibition Date

6 Sep – 14 Sep 2019

Exhibition Type

Mam-gun Mungguy-wun lerr-nyarrang Nitmiluk – Sharing our Country Nitmiluk. These were the words the Jawoyn people danced under on the day they were officially recongised as the traditional owners of Nitmiluk and the surrounding area.

This exhibition has been created to celebrate 30 years since that important event and to highlight the many partnerships, places, people and community that have worked together to share and celebrate the jewel in the crown of the Northern Territory – Nitmiluk National Park. It showcases Jawoyn culture, history and land. It observes Jawoyn people’s fight for recognition and the handback of Nitmiluk and looks at the vital partnerships, collaboration and reconciliation on Jawoyn country over the past 30 years.

This exhibition has been made possible by the generous support of many contributors, including Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation, Northern Territory Parks, Wildlife and Heritage Division, Nitmiluk Katherine, the Northern Territory Government, Northern Land Council, Katherine Town Council, the Australia Government, the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Mr Chips Mackinolty and Mr David Hancock whose magnificent photographs document the story of Nitmiluk so beautifully.

Image: David Hancock, Peter Jatbula at Nitmiluk Handover, 1989. Reproduced with permission David Hancock.

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