December 2023

Arts Trail

December 2023 – We’re almost there!

The past few months have been a race to the wet season, with our Katherine Constructions crew working hard to finish several milestones. In early December, our new office space was completed and certified—and began life as an extension of the 2023 Godinymayin Holiday Art Market. It is currently filled with some wonderful crafts, textiles, sculptures, prints, and objects from across the Territory. Our sweeping new outdoor deck is also taking shape, with a dramatic new roof above, and the pathway from entrance to amphitheatre nearly finished. 

While we still await the fabrication of the stage roof, everything around it is rising from the red dirt. The audience area has new grass and landscaping, the technical storage bay and new toilets have their foundation in place, and the walkway from parking lot to main entrance is also in the finishing stages. Considering the delays, the Arts Trail works are now scheduled for completion in late April—in time for the next dry season!


The end of year and arrival of the monsoon is also a time for reflection. Our Board and Team took a look back at 2023, and all the exhibitions, workshops, live events, gatherings and cultural celebrations that have made the past year a truly exciting experience for us here at Godinymayin. To review what we’ve been up to, click here to read our FY2023 Annual Report, then join us in 2024 for an even more ambitious celebration!

Learn more about the Construction Tender here.