Arts Trail

March 2023 – New Solar Energy System

As the Wet Season rolls on, our construction site has seen its share of mud and muck—but the groundwork continues around us.

The major accomplishment this month has been the installation of a brand new solar energy system on our rooftop, included as part of our Arts Trail funding. Our venue’s current monthly energy costs average over $6,000, and this new photovoltaic array is expected to almost cut that in half.

Inside our building we are featuring a new photographic portrait exhibition, Big and Deep Rivers, as part of our 2023 International Women’s Day celebration, as well as the beautiful exhibition of Top End birdlife, Territory Blue, by Katherine artist Mandy Tootell.

Demolition continues on our entryway, and foundations for the future deck and administrative annex are also progressing nicely. Earthworks continue to shape what will become the new amphitheatre seating area and audience terrace. The team at Katherine Constructions are working hard, despite the thick of the wet season, hoping for a September completion date. And thanks to a BizSecure grant, Godinymayin has augmented our security and alarm system, with advanced lighting, detection, and video surveillance after hours.

And in a creative frenzy, our Chief Executive Eric Holowacz decided to cover some unsightly tagging with a new mural design on a small out building next to our parking lot. See some of his artistic handy work below.

We expect to remain open during the early Dry Season, with a planned three-week closure for heavy construction scheduled for late June.     

Learn more about the Construction Tender here.