Arts Trail

May 2023 – Australia’s Newest Amphitheatre 

The weather has cooled, campgrounds are filling up, the Dry Season is just around the corner, and the builders are a hive of activity all around Godinymayin. The Arts Trail construction continues to shape Australia’s next great outdoor amphitheatre—with a focus this month on the new cafe space that will adjoin it. And later this year, we’ll begin calling for expressions of interest from qualified operators wanting to partner with our organisation to activate the caffeine delivery on site! 

Last month on the North side of our facilities, metal framing was completed for our future offices, and an interior wall—our former Nook Cafe—was opened up to meet it. And on the ground outside, possibly envious of the building work of Katherine Constructions, our resident bowerbird has made his own very beautiful structure in the shadow of the future administrative complex (see image below). 

Inside our gallery, on Friday 19 May we will open two wonderful exhibitions with partner arts centres: Pandanus—new woven works from Djilpin Arts, and Watch! Warning! Alert! new paintings from Merrepen Arts. Now on view over in the Laneway Gallery—thanks to a partnership with St Joseph’s Catholic College—the walls are now featuring student portraits and pictures influenced by the 20th century American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. In the popular Godinymayin shop—maybe the most creative and colourful retail experience in Katherine—we continue to add new items and inventory from across the Big Rivers Region. Stop in, check out the rapidly changing facilities, and take in some great local art.

Learn more about the Construction Tender here.