Arts Trail

February 2023 – Building the Deck

After preparing the site in January, the bulldozers and pile drivers moved in, and the earth around Godinymayin has been moving ever since. The crew at Katherine Constructions are hard at work on almost every side of our facilities: preparing the West Side site for a new administrative office addition, grading the front lawn for our future Amphitheatre, and beginning the foundation on the outdoor deck and cafe area. The Centre remains open (if a bit noisy at times) and filled with exhibitions, events, meetings, and shop-goers. Visitors can get a glimpse of the upcoming deck and expanded footprint, as the footings are starting to appear next to our entrance.

We think the outdoor deck and cafe are going to be exciting additions to Godinymayin, and by the end of this coming Dry Season we hope they will become great new leisure amenities for residents and visitors. Our team want the Arts Trail facilities to be a place for families, creative happenings, live music, relaxing with friends, and—of course—wonderful coffee and confections. Stop by and see what’s happening as construction continues—and help us plan an exciting new Godinymayin!

Learn more about the Construction Tender here.