Katherine Prize Registrations Date Extended

Registrations for the Katherine Prize have now been extended to Friday the 22nd of October 2021 5pm. The artworks still need to arrive at the centre by5pm Friday the 29th October 2021. Artworks being sent either through Australia Post or by Courier can arrive later if they have been dispatched or postmarked or couriered before 5pm 29th October 2021. for more information please contact Kamahi Djordon King on 08 8972 3751 or by email

In other news

Here are a few more news articles from Godinymayin that may interest you.

International Recording Artist Toni Childs invites the Katherine Community to experience her 8.5-meter bee installation called, Bee Friendly. Open for viewing to the public on Wednesday May 19th for one night only from 5pm-7pm at Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre.