Collecting Jayne Nankivell

Twine and Twine Again (weaving our way)

Exhibition Date

6 Mar – 18 Apr 2020

Exhibition Type

Twine and Twine Again (Weaving Our Way) showcases Indigenous weaving art across the breadth of the Big Rivers and Top-End regions. The exhibition explores current weaving techniques, mediums, representations and styles. From the traditional to the contemporary, Twine and Twine Again weaves its way through the diversity of form and representation in today’s weaving practices. Twine & Twine Again features works of artists from Anindiliyakwa Arts & Culture, Buku-Larrnggay Mulka, Djilpin Arts, Durrmu Arts, Jilamara Arts & Craft, Kybrook Farm Community, Mardbalk Arts & Culture, Marrawuddi Gallery, Merrepen Arts, Milingimbi Art & Culture, Mimi Arts & Craft, and Numbulwar Numburindi Arts Centres. Curated by Brendan Penzer with Jayne Nankivell.

Official launch 6pm Friday 6 March

Image credit: Jayne Nankivell, Collecting, 2019, digital photograph

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