27 August 2021

- 8 September 2021

Danny Murphy’s Wonderland!

<a href="https://gyracc.org.au/artist/danny-murphy/">Danny Murphy</a>

Join us for ‘Danny Murphy’s Wonderland.’ And enjoy the colour, light, shapes, and textures, in the third dimension. Discover things often overlooked in our fast-moving society. Drinks, Canapés, and Live Music!
Category: Ceramics
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Danny Murphy was born in Katherine, Northern Territory and has been potting since 1980. Danny was introduced to potting by his Mother Ruth, who is also a potter, at a young age.

Since 1989 his time is divided between Adelaide, for four months of the year, and Katherine where he works from his original workshop along the katherine river, where he grew up with his three brothers in the bush. Danny has collaborated with several South Australian and Territory artists.

Danny’s works are held in many private and corporate collections in Australia and overseas, including Sweden, England, Scotland, Japan, USA, and New Zealand. His Achievements are too numerous to mention but those closest to his heart include winning Katherine Prize in 1990, 2006, 2007 and being selected as the official trophy maker for the Waterhouse Natural Art Prize 2006.

He derives his ideas from a close association with nature and its rustic harmony. His Greatest influences are landscapes, sandstone outcrops, red sand, the spinifex of Northern and Central Australia, the escarpment country leading to the Katherine George and the heavily wooded river where he was raised.

To construct his unique and large terra cotta vessels with excellent variations in colours, patterns, brushworks, and textures, complementing the beauty of the clay and of the locally dug clay ore that is used in the colouring process, Danny has built numerous gas kilns.

Preferring fuel firing for more diverse finishes, Danny has found his talent for a natural and unforced style for creating spontaneous and unpretentious pieces.

Danny Murphy’s exhibition at Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre will entail his creative celebration of the festivities of life and nature, interpreted with and on clay. Join us for ‘Danny Murphy’s Wonderland.’ And enjoy the colour, light, shapes, and textures, in the third dimension. Discover things often overlooked in our fast-moving society.  Step into the opening to this beautiful Wonderland on the 20th August 2021, 6:30pm. Drinks, Canapés, and Live Music!

Or get your ticket to the Wonderland VIP Opening, 5:00pm.  VIP Tickets $30, Limited Vacancies!

VIP opening includes an EXCLUSIVE early admittance sneak peek, meet and speak with the artist about his amazing pieces, and score yourself the chance to get your very own Danny Murphy Pottery before anybody else! Plus, Drinks, Canapés, and Live Music!

Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre’s exhibition and gallery sales are bound by consignment agreements developed with Arts Law Centre of Australia. We follow ethical standards and practices when dealing with Aboriginal art and artists.

For more information, please contact the Centre on (08) 8972 3751 or visit https://indigenousartcode.org/how-to-buy-ethically/.

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