Katherine Art Prize

Congratulations to all our entrants.  The winning art pieces can be seen below.

The Katherine Prize Winner

Dorat Road Series by Laurence Rimes

Dorat Road

The 7 miniatures that make up the Dorat Road Series are an original and creative expression of our Australian Landscape.  The artist has chosen to paint miniatures, a traditional style of painting used throughout the ages especially popular in the 1520,s where portraits were used as jewellery.  The miniature is not just about size, it’s also about the detail.  The detail of the Dorat Road series takes the viewer on a trip down a well traversed Territory road.  Each small art work gives the viewer yet another view of Dorat Road with it’s hills, trees, toad ahead, roadside it’s all there.  The Artwork is executed on the top of Bully Beef (tinned cornbeef) tins some with the key to open still attached.  With a key to peel back this well-known Territory sustenance, the artist invites the viewer to peel back from whatever your own ideas may be and enjoy the view as we travel down the road on the same journey as the artist. 

All you need is some Cold Chisel or Yothu Yindi playing loud.  Dorat Road Series is pure delight and we congratulate the Artist on realising a unique approach to how we view our vast and often overwhelming landscape in a measured, intimate snapshot way.

Image of Dorat Road Series Photographed by Ethan Grahek


Katherine Town Council Winner

Golden Hour by Catherine Miles

Golden Hour

The Golden Hour encompasses the movement, dust, stock person and horns all in that small painting tells a Territory story, you can see it is hot and dusty.  The colours and subject are our backyard.  Each bullocky has it’s own expression on it’s face and ears with hooves shuffling to get to the end of the muster.  This piece is well executed and has clarity of theme.

Image of Golden Hour photographed by Ethan Grahek


Godinymayin Inaugural Jewellery Prize

Casuarina Uarch by Ioanna Thymiandis

Casuarina Uarch

This Jewellery is definitely worth it’s weight in bronze.  A Casuarina seed cast in bronze hung on a silver chain encapsulates the coastal territory living style.  This piece is an original one of a kind piece that stood out straight away to our judges.

Highly Commended

  1. Ghost Bats – Katherine Bradley
  2. Wild – Fiona Campbell
  3. Timeless – Umbrawarra Gorge – Linda Joy
  4.  Living to the rhythm of Rain and Sun – Sonia Martignon
  5. Ngarki Yarji (My Country) before they started digging it up – Jack Green

Katherine Prize Youth Art Awards

  1. Grace Hunter for her King Parrot entry
  2. Kaliopi Gikas for their Pastel Peacock
  3. Jasmine Glass for her connection to country pottery piece.

Keith and Florence Payne Schools indigenous art award

Hunter Axe Evolution by Tyrell Lindsay Wugularr School

Axe side1

Walk through the 46th Katherine Art Prize Adults

Image credit: 45th Katherine Art Prize winner: “Out of Darkness – Rush Cockroach” by Katie Bradley

Dating back to 1975, the Katherine Prize is the longest-running art award in the Northern Territory. Presented at the Katherine Town Council for over 30 years, the home of the Prize is now the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre.

With $8,750 in prizes to be won, the annual event encourages professional and emerging artist and students of the Northern Territory to develop their practice and showcase their talents and skills to the region in the form of two and three-dimensional artworks.

The Katherine Prize is the only art prize in the Northern Territory that is exclusively for Territory artists. Entries are welcome from all genres of art and creativity, including special categories for remote youth and creative jewellery.

Prizes include the:

  • Katherine Prize sponsored by Geoffrey and Julie Newton Award $5,000
  • Katherine Prize sponsored by Katherine Town Council Award $2,000
  • Creative Jewellery Award $500
  • Keith and Florence Payne National Schools indigenous Art Awards
  • The People’s Choice Award $250 (Godinymayin Gift Voucher)

With the 2021 Opening Night scheduled for 19 November, the 46th Annual Prize is open to entries from emerging and established contemporary artists across the Northern Territory (artists must demonstrate they have been a resident of the Territory for at least 12 months).

This year Godinymayin are announcing a new genre the Creative Jewellery Award. There is currently no art prize in the Territory that recognises the art of jewellery making.

All art pieces, including the youth categories, may be available for sale during the exhibition at a price determined by the artist, providing an income for local creatives. The Board and Sponsors are excited to support this growing industry in the Big Rivers Region and across the Territory.

Keith & Florence Payne National Schools Indigenous Art Awards

Thanks to a generous donation, the Keith & Florence Payne National Schools Indigenous Art Awards, in its first year at Godinymayin. These awards will provide young Indigenous people a chance to explore and learn more about possible career options and connect young people in the creative industries sector.

Katherine Art Prize History

The Katherine Town Council plays host to an extensive collection of the acquisition at the Civic Centre. The compulsory acquisition of the winning entries ceased in 2005 as there was nowhere to house the collection.

At the 1975 Katherine Show, Brian Lambert observed that there were high-quality artists in the region, but the quantity of entries was low; he offered an annual $500 prize for the best painting. This led to the establishment of the Brian and Jeannette Lambert Art Prize being hosted by the Katherine Town Council in 1977 as an acquisition award.

The Prize grew to include a craft section with contributions from Dr Peter an Mrs Kathleen Short and the Katherine Town Council in the latter years. The Prize had a name change and is now known as the Katherine Prize.

The legacy of contribution to the Katherine arts community by the Lambert Family led to their son Craig Lambert beginning work on the Katherine Regional Cultural Precinct working party in 2004 and progressing to be chairperson of the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre 2012 – 2019.

The naming of the main gallery as the Lambert Gallery recognises Brian and Jeanette Lambert and their family’s foresight and contribution to the arts community of the Northern Territory. We acknowledge that their contribution has significantly enabled and will continue to enable the growth of the arts sector in the Katherine Region.

The Lambert Gallery neon sign reflects the history of Jeannette Lambert’s mother Mrs Petersen. She had a large neon CAFÉ sign on the roof of her café/gift shop in Katherine Terrace, where the current Northern Land Council building is now located.