2022 Katherine Art Prize

Congratulations to all our entrants.  The winning art pieces can be seen below.

Julie and Geoff Newton Prize Winner

Danny Murphy – Home Here, Clay

The 2022 Katherine Prize judges saw this as a standout work of art, commenting that it is a technically accomplished hand-thrown vessel referencing classic Romanesque ceramics. They noted its elegantly proportioned lines with smooth bulbous walls that curve into the neck with effortless grace. And they remarked on the distinctive glaze and surface treatment that makes this a unique ceramic work and an object of beauty, pleasing form, and practical function. 

katherine art prize, katherine prize

Katherine Town Council Award

Jose Patalinghug – Weekend Moment, Pastel on paper

These judges were drawn to this quiet and unassuming picture. They noted that the drawing is distinctive for its use of colour, texture, perspective and composition—and how the illusion of light creates a luminosity. They remarked that the one-point perspective pulls the viewer in, until we seem to be at the market scene. At a distance, Weekend moment appears realistic, but upon closer inspection it reveals itself to be impressionistic mark-making with plenty of mystery for the viewer. The 2022 Katherine Prize judges commented that its candid and nuanced composition presents a routine scene where the artist demonstrates an excellent understanding and use of the pastel on paper medium.

katherine art prize, katherine prize

Highly Commended

Scott Morthorpe- Wasp, Steel

Like many of our visitors on opening night, the 2022 Katherine Prize judges were drawn to this assembled sculpture. They noted that Wasp presents as a thoughtful and inventive use of repurposed metal forms, resulting in a truly striking sculpture. It’s form­—a simple insect—transcends its metal medium, suggesting weightlessness and an ability to take flight.

katherine art prize, katherine prize

Youth Winner

Peta-Lee Haynes- Emu, Dry point etching with chine collé

The 2022 Katherine Prize judges were charmed by Emu, saying that it pops out of the frame and calls you back when you walk past it—a lot like an emu might. This playful etching successfully captures the essence of the tall native bird and is undeniably quirky, inquisitive, disruptive and cheeky!  

katherine art prize, katherine prize

Youth Highly Commended

Poppi-May Crowder – Octopus, Dry point etching 

Octopus is highly commended for is technical attention to detail and intriguing presentation. The judges noted that it conveys a delicate portrayal of this marine creature.

katherine art prize, katherine prize

Youth Highly Commended

Tayler Campbell – Black Cockatoo, Collagraph

The 2022 Katherine prize judges were also drawn into Black cockatoo, noting how it uses the medium of etching to convey an atmospheric representation with a hint of mystery—a kind of celebration of this avian emblem of the Top End of Australia.

katherine art prize, katherine prize

Peoples Choice Award

Anna Bartel – Mystic Waters, Mount Borradaile 

The people of Katherine have spoken. Help us congratulate this years Peoples Choice Award Winner Anna Bartel, for her work Mystic Waters. We can see why this piece was a crowd favourite.

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Artist: Anna Bartel Title: Mystic Waters, Mount Borradaile.

Missed out on the exhibition or want to relive it? Check out the 360 virtual tour.

Katherine Art Prize History

The Katherine Town Council plays host to an extensive collection of the acquisition at the Civic Centre. The compulsory acquisition of the winning entries ceased in 2005 as there was nowhere to house the collection.

At the 1975 Katherine Show, Brian Lambert observed that there were high-quality artists in the region, but the quantity of entries was low; he offered an annual $500 prize for the best painting. This led to the establishment of the Brian and Jeannette Lambert Art Prize being hosted by the Katherine Town Council in 1977 as an acquisition award.

The Prize grew to include a craft section with contributions from Dr Peter an Mrs Kathleen Short and the Katherine Town Council in the latter years. The Prize had a name change and is now known as the Katherine Prize.

The legacy of contribution to the Katherine arts community by the Lambert Family led to their son Craig Lambert beginning work on the Katherine Regional Cultural Precinct working party in 2004 and progressing to be chairperson of the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre 2012 – 2019.

The naming of the main gallery as the Lambert Gallery recognises Brian and Jeanette Lambert and their family’s foresight and contribution to the arts community of the Northern Territory. We acknowledge that their contribution has significantly enabled and will continue to enable the growth of the arts sector in the Katherine Region.

The Lambert Gallery neon sign reflects the history of Jeannette Lambert’s mother Mrs Petersen. She had a large neon CAFÉ sign on the roof of her café/gift shop in Katherine Terrace, where the current Northern Land Council building is now located.