19 April 2024

- 1 June 2024

Minbala Mami Kantri | Our Mother’s Country

Dive into the heart of Ngalakgan country through a vibrant depiction of culture, country, and dreaming.
Category: Art

Urapunga is a small Aboriginal community nestled between the Roper and Wilton Rivers, below the southern border of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. The Ngalakgan People have lived on and cared for the area, including Urapunga, since time immemorial. Their custodianship is present in the landscape, in the burial caves and rock art shelters, the cultivated Country and living descendants spread between Ngukurr, Urapunga and beyond.

Artists Rhonda Duncan and Margaret Duncan come from a long lineage of artists and masters in traditional weaving, painting, and carving. They love to create pieces that capture stories of Urapunga Country, places, animals, culture, family and how people live on Country.

This exhibition is supported by not-for-profit organisation Circulanation in partnership with the Urapunga Arts Aboriginal Corporation. Together their goal is to create a sustainable art and cultural enterprise, to share and celebrate culture, and to provide economic prosperity for future generations.

This exhibition will be showcased in our Lambert Gallery from April 19 to June 1, 2024, and available for purchase.

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Opening Reception Friday 19 March
Doors Open from 6pm Artist Talk from 6:45pm

Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre’s exhibition and gallery sales are bound by consignment agreements developed with Arts Law Centre of Australia. We follow ethical standards and practices when dealing with Aboriginal art and artists.

For more information, please contact the Centre on (08) 8972 3751 or visit https://indigenousartcode.org/how-to-buy-ethically/.

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