9 March 2024

- 13 April 2024

There’s Always Something

A journey through landscapes and memory
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Step into the rugged beauty of the Australian outback through the masterful brushstrokes of local artist Ross McHutcheon. ‘There’s Always Something’ invites you on a visual journey through the untamed wilderness and captivating landscapes of the Top End of Australia.

In this exhibition, McHutcheon unveils a captivating collection of both new and cherished works, each one a testament to his deep connection to the land. Through vibrant contrasts of colour and intricate details, he breathes life into his canvases, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the raw beauty of the outback.

But McHutcheon’s artistry extends beyond the canvas. As a regular contributor to our retail store, his uniquely painted boab nuts serve as distinctive canvases for these unique creations.

Join us as we celebrate one of the Big Rivers most celebrated artists and discover why in his world, ‘There’s Always Something’ waiting to be explored.

This exhibition will be showcased in our Lambert Gallery from March 9 to April 13, 2024, and available for purchase.

Click here to view the There’s Always Something exhibition catalogue.

Opening Reception and Artist Talk
Saturday 9 March from 5:00pm

Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre’s exhibition and gallery sales are bound by consignment agreements developed with Arts Law Centre of Australia. We follow ethical standards and practices when dealing with Aboriginal art and artists.

For more information, please contact the Centre on (08) 8972 3751 or visit https://indigenousartcode.org/how-to-buy-ethically/.

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