Murphy Collective

Murphy Collective


Exhibition Date

14 Nov – 10 Dec 2016

Exhibition Type

This retrospective celebrates the pair’s accomplishments, 40+ years of potting together; supporting each other’s distinctive styles from Danny’s earthy terra sigillata seaweed slips to Ruth’s macro crystalline glaze.

Down a worn and windy dirt track, lush and green by the Katherine River, Danny Murphy lives in a large yet humble home with an impressive adjacent studio. Once also occupied by mother Ruth Murphy, an avid potter, who passed away in early 2015. Ruth’s spirit lives on through Danny and her presence is strong in the old house with many pots and pieces scattered about.

Many works have generously been loaned from private collections in Katherine and beyond.

Join us to celebrate the opening of this precious exhibition on Friday 4 November from 6-8pm, and the following week on Saturday 12 November we will be hosting a Q&A session with Danny at 10:30am in the gallery.

Curated by Sophie Rayner.

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